The first end-to-end API Platform for Loan management, Servicing and Collections.
In an effort to create the next generation API based LMS, we bring you a highly configurable and user-friendly design with robust loan servicing and collection features that can be used over APIs as well as UI.

Features and Advantages

The collective work of the LMS enhances speed and minimizes human error. The entire detailed portfolio is on your screen just a click away, making your process not only efficient, but also transparent.

End-to-End API-Based Platform

LMS function(s) can be consumed via a REST API, which makes Lentra LMS open to integrate with any downstream or upstream systems, including customer facing apps, core banking systems and accounting softwares.

End-to-End API-Based Platform

No - code / Configurable

Unleash the power of no-code in configuring the LMS with more than 500+ different parameters for customizing the LMS the way you want.

Reporting and Analytics

Extract, transform and analyze the LMS data using the in-built reporting and analytics module. No coding required for it! You also get REST APIs to pull the data for your portfolio.

Reporting and Analytics


The API based LMS provides huge advantages when it comes to integrations. Automate your all manual activities by integrating all the systems to a single centralised LMS platform

What can you do using LMS?

Lentra’s LMS can handle all types of lending models right from retail to business lending. You can configure loans having terms as short as days or weeks, or use it for long term loans.

Loan Types








Multiple Tranches

Bill Discounting

Advance EMI

Credit Line

Flat interest

Last day of month

Fixed Day of month

Daily Payment

Manage your Loan Books

Manage your entire loan book of secured and unsecured loans using our LMS. Accounting module attached with the loan transaction system will automate the GL entries, helping you focus on your business.


Co-lending is rising as a new business model of lending. To lend to customers you can partner with peers with appropriate custom income and risk sharing agreements.

Business Correspondent / Aggregators

Our LMS fits perfectly in the business model of new-age fintechs. Powered by API, LMS extends the possibilities of new business models beyond imagination. Our LMS makes you part of the lending business.

LMS Modules

LMS is a unified Loan Management and Servicing platform built on a highly scalable technical foundation, supported by robust and loosely coupled modules. The platform offers a complete API based on box loan management.

Our exhaustive options for loan servicing ensure no customer request is left unmet. We also offer remote loan servicing using APIs.

  • Statement of Account generation
  • Payment posting
  • Charge and payment levy
  • Charges waiver
  • Interest waiver
  • Interest, charge and penalties accrual
  • Loans restructuring and rescheduling
  • Charges and penalties on receipt basis
  • Disbursement cancellation
  • Foreclosure simulation
  • Loan foreclosure
  • Part / advance payment

Partner with your peers and build your own co-lending product. Define your % shares for each loan component and Lentra’s LMS will take care of the rest.

Lentra’s LMS comes with a comprehensive accounting module which takes all the manual work away.

  • Daily and Periodic Accruals
  • Custom chart of accounts
  • GL entries and Ledger Management
  • Manual entries
  • Real time generation of Trial Balance, Profit Loss and Balance sheet

Lentra’s LMS gives you hierarchical Limit management at multiple levels. You can select revolving or non-revolving limit types. You can configure limits to a

  • Group (multiple customers)
  • Customer
  • Sub - limit to a customer

Manage all collections and recovery using a single LMS platform. All collections triggers are available over APIs.

  • Check and eMandate (ACH) management
  • Swapping of the checks and eMandate (ACH)
  • Cash collections and Queuing
  • Security check management
  • Collection and Revenue Reports

Ensure portfolio health and cash provisioning for bad debts using our configurable delinquency management module.

  • NPA Flagging and reversals of accruals
  • DPD and Ageing of the loan
  • Provisioning buckets and their automated entries
  • Writing-off loans
  • Settlement (coming soon)

Send multilingual SMS to customers and keep them aware of loan lifecycle. The Communication module also helps generate customer communications such as interest certificates, welcome letters in customised white-labelled formats.

All data stored in LMS is accessible via the Reporting module. Create crosstabs and graphical reports with dynamic APIs to consume data digitally.

All the LMS configurations are available for you to configure without any dependency on Lentra. Explore the Sandbox to know more almost 500+ configuration parameters.