Open Credit Enablement Network

OCEN (Open Credit Enablement Network) is an effort to recognise that the touchpoints for delivering financial products to individuals and MSMEs extends beyond traditional lenders. In order to democratize access to credit in India, OCEN reimagines an ecosystem where every service provider can become a Fintech-enabled credit marketplace.

Use our OCEN framework to be part of the new APIs based lending ecosystem. Our OCEN framework allows lenders to process out Loan Offers in seconds and facilitates end-to-end journey completely via APIS. OCEN enabled you to achieve complete straight through processing from lead generation to real disbursement of the loan. OCEN helps you as a lender to partner with any fintech partners without any integration effort at lender's end.


  • Become OCEN enabled to increase your book size
  • Be part of the OCEN ecosystem by using our OCEN framework
  • Out of the box integration with Account Aggregators
  • Process Loan Application in seconds using our BREX
  • End-to-end (from lead till disbursement) journey can be managed via OCEN APIs
  • Partner with any fintech who has access to consumers. Ex- Ola / Flipkart etc.
  • Use our sandbox to test your LSP APIs
  • Understand the loan journey from lender's perspective
  • Take our help to develop LSP APIs using the OCEN framework

How does it work?

The OCEN framework is a Lentra's LSP bridge which is a set of standardized APIs, on the right side can talk with any of the lenders systems and on the left side connects to all the Loan service Providers (LSPs). The framework also allows LSP to connect with any Lender using the OCEN APIs. Lentra's OCEN framework can be very easily integrated with the lender system using our cutting edge HubX system.

BREx Workflow diagram

Use Cases

  • Invoice Financing for Govt. e-Marketplace

  • Invoice Financing using GST invoices

  • Cash Flow Lending

  • Personal Loans

  • Education Loans

  • Business Loans