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Loan management made

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A Loan Management System
designed to help you pull ahead

Launch new products quickly and efficiently with Lentra's Loan Management System (LMS), a highly parameterised configurable system. Additionally also streamline your entire lending process, and manage all your loans, with all loan-based functionalities from a single-screen. It's just the advantage you need to pull ahead of the competition.

Loan management made better

The one-stop platform for everything
in loan management

From disbursal to collection and everything in between Lentra LMS give you everything you need to streamline your lending process, to record and analyse with several modules and a user-friendly interface that brings your entire portfolio on one screen so you don't have to look elsewhere. Highly configurable, it supports all kinds of loans while the repayment module supports varied structured repayment options with any combination of repayments. What's more you can customize your dashboards on your own easily, when you need it without any expert assistance.

End-to-end API-based platform

LMS function(s) can be consumed via a REST API, which makes Lentra LMS open to integrate with any downstream or upstream systems, including customer facing apps, core banking systems and accounting softwares.

In-built reporting & analytics

Extract, transform and analyze the LMS data using the in-built reporting and analytics module, while using REST APIs to pull the data for your portfolio.

No-code & configurable

Unleash the power of no-code in configuring the LMS with more than 500+ different parameters for customizing the LMS the way you want.

High automation

Due to being API-based, Lentra LMS allows for automation of all manual activities by integrating all the systems to a single centralised platform.


The one centralised LMS platform that does it all for you

Configurable to support all loan types

Lentra LMS supports all kinds of loans' be it term, structured or line of credit - saving you lots of effort. Because it's API-based, the nuances of each loan type can be customized by the user. For example, if you want a weekly accrual instead of monthly or even daily, it's just a click away.

Mobile app

The LMS mobile app makes sure that collection officers can update relevant information on the system while on-the-go.

Value/Date concept

Back-dated transactions can be added without stopping the system altogether. This ensures less downtime and helps make up for human error.

All loan-based functionalities

Be it calculation of EMI and interest or preparing a foreclosure letter, you can do it with Lentra LMS. These functions are built-in in the interface and can be used directly. Apart from these traditional ones, LMS also features advanced functions like swapping functionality (for payment instruments), ad hoc cheque functionality, and excess payment functionality.

All-Inclusive limit management system

A thorough limit management system that works on client level, group level, and purpose level.

Reach & alerts

Lentra LMS ensures an SMS/email alert sent to the correct/concerned person at every step.

Use Cases

Whatever the loan type or the lending
model, Lentra LMS can help

From retail to business lending, Lentra LMS can handle all types of lending models while allowing you to also configure loans having terms as short as days or weeks, or use it for long term loans.
Lentra LMS also supports Co-lending, the new business model of lending, while fitting in perfectly with the Business Correspondent/Aggregator business model of new-age fintechs. Beyond this, it extends the possibilities of new business models, enabling you to be a bigger part of the lending business.








Multiple Tranches

Bill Discounting

Advance EMI

Credit Line

Flat interest

Last day of month

Fixed Day of month

Daily Payment

Impact Metrics

Do more with Lentra Loan
Management System


reduction in human errors


increase in productivity with single window for multiple operations


Single-day plug & play implementation for full open API platform


reduction in time to GTM for new loan products & schedules

How it works

What goes into the Lentra LMS

A unified Loan Management and Servicing Platform, the Lentra LMS is built on a highly scalable technical foundation and made up modules, each of which pertains to one major function while delivering additional functionalities.

Accounting Module
Reporting Module
Collections Module
Co-Lending Module
Individual Collection Sheet
Incremental EMI Module
Bulk Upload Module
ACH (Automated Clearing House) Module
PDC (Post Dated Cheque) Module
Tax Module
Legal Module
Accounting module

This module makes your loan process easy by maintaining a real-time Profit-Loss balance sheet of your portfolio with an option to access any particular Statement of Account. What’s more, you can also export Tally co-ordinates onto the system for efficient work.

Reporting module

Know your book size at any time or carry out complex analyses based on your collections, NPAs, etc. with this specially designed reporting module that helps you pull reports on your data and analyse it in the same way.

Co-lending module

Since more than one institution is involved in this process, it gives you the liberty to decide where the book gets updated. While you have the flexibility to maintain it separately in each organization, it can simply be updated in the LMS as well.

Technology Details

State-of-the-art technology for a
best-of-breed LMS platform

Low code

By the virtue of being low-code, Lentra LMS is built quicker than the traditional method.

CRON jobs for configuration

This cutting-edge software helps in the timely function of the system.

API-based platform

Being API based, users can plug into any external analytical software to make their job easy. It also enables configuration without code change.

Bulk NACH registration

With the Lentra LMS, bulk NACH registration is just a click away.

Get a glimpse of the LMS of
the future. Today.

The Lentra LMS revolutionises loan management and makes it simple, easy and effective irrespective of the type of loan or lending model. No wonder some of the most forward-looking and future-focussed financial institutions have chosen it over their existing LMS platform. What about you?

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