Embedded Journeys

Scale your clientele
through partnerships

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Expand your network of market
aggregator platforms

Improve leads with point-of-demand lending from an expanding network of consumer durable platforms. Lentra’s intelligent solution plays with the marketplace model to expand geographically while slashing distribution costs.

Our intuitive APIs weave a web of connections between lead sources and lenders to create alternate channels of revenue. Ideal for any entity looking for a digital journey, Lentra’s open APIs can even enhance pre-existing client systems with one-time integration that drastically drops go-to-market time.


Go from leads to
accounts in minutes

Diversify from traditional modes of lead generation with Lentra’s channel integration feature that supplements embedded journeys by offering industry insights and microservices. Our ML-powered APIs offer seamless access to emerging online markets and prompt targeted lending opportunities.

Combined with our unique LOS and LMS services, you can profit from an entire lending ecosystem that requires almost zero manual intervention. Used independently, embedded journeys offer quick and secure digital transfer of data, leads, information and documents. Capitalise on familiar user interfaces to capture new markets and convert high-potential leads with automatic follow-up tracking. Lentra’s built-in analytics pulls in and scrutinises data so users can make better business decisions on the go.

Key Features

Why do you need Embedded Journeys?

Highly configurable

Automatic bucketing of leads based on marketplace

User-friendly customer experience

Responsive, mobile-friendly interface directly linked to LOS


Facilitates transactions by pre-integrating with a suite of other channels

AI-based microservices

Algorithm-driven module with deep learning for better decision-making

Headless architecture

Common APIs ensuring minimal workflow changes

Faster go-to-market

Standardised APIs embedded within partner market aggregators ensures immediate business opportunities

Why Lentra

Lentra does it better

Capture new audiences by prompting loan opportunities in popular marketplaces. Lentra uses open APIs to seamlessly connect financial products and operational processes in such a way that the user never has to leave the platform.

Our ML-powered integration can also instantly connect with a variety of other channels including customer dial-up services, call recording, prospecting and more, accessible via the same platform. The APIs can quickly be exposed to existing retail relationships to enable valuable data transfer and cross-selling.

Pre-integration offers complete control and choice over assets you want to underwrite and facilitates every kind of transaction and variation.

With Lentra’s BREx and GoGetr products, achieve immediate assessment of high risk retail borrowers. No matter where your lead originates, our highly customizable embedded solutions give you the power to service clients instantly and tie up with any kind of lending partnership with barely any human intervention.

Want to strengthen lead generation
with minimal effort?

Bump up lending opportunities and convert hot leads with an
intelligent network of APIs that integrate seamlessly between
channels. Offer loans through easy-to-use platform interfaces
that unite marketplaces and afford in-built security, quick risk
assessment, 24x7 monitoring, configurable business rules and
quick scaling. Plug into the digital lending of the future.

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