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Step onto the digital highway of
next-gen business collaborations

Power lending networks between financial institutions and borrowers where a simple integration of Lentra’s intelligent APIs opens a world of business for all parties.

With open APIs and widgets that embed themselves seamlessly into lending partner platforms, new avenues of lead generation can be created for multiple lenders who can then furnish consumers with a choice of offers.

Lentra’s wide base of lender connections offers excellent business potential to service partners through a full-stack service that requires almost no human intervention. There’s no reason you shouldn’t join the party!


Why partner with us


Supports platforms compatible with OCEN formats


One-time integration

Quick, seamless integration with LSP user interface


Full-stack service

100% cloud-based platform with open APIs that offer end-to-end lending services


Rigorous performance testing for consistent functionality every time


Secure infrastructure

In-built, industry-grade security that safeguards your data


Mutual growth partnership

Extensive network of lenders that ensures all parties benefit



Who’s with us

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Watch business opportunities explode with a single click. Simply integrate with Lentra’s unique LSP interface and allow our wide network of lenders to automatically fire up rewarding connections and business leads. Our sound, high-tech platform promises secure, easily configurable integrations with unmatched ease.

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