Anchor Financing

Simplifying merchant

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Self-service invoice financing with a
highly configurable supply chain system

Augment cash flow with digital independence and user-friendly automation. Lentra’s paperless self-service invoice financing system de-clutters the entire supply chain through intelligent APIs for transactions with limit settings, document uploads, checks and even term loans with minimum data entry points for merchants and dealers.

Approve merchants quickly and efficiently, ease communication for queries and reminders, and improve cross-selling with better engagement.


Onboard efficiently;
Disburse with ease

Move to digital hand-holding with a series of AI-driven services that makes invoice financing, transaction monitoring, loan management and merchant onboarding a seamless, efficient process.

Free resources, save time and reduce data-entry errors with an intuitive system that allows merchants to log-in and upload documents on their own, provides instant verifications and checks, and integrates with multiple channels for paperless disbursals and payments.

Lentra’s comprehensive service ensures that anchors and merchants profit from easy communication channels for queries and reminders, auto scaling and healing, transaction records and zero downtime deployments.

Key Features

Why you need Lentra’s Anchor
Financing Solution

End-to-end service

Swift onboarding, external data
validations, scheme detail showcase,
credit checks, multiple decisioning
roles and paperless disbursals

Quick onboarding

Pre-integrations via intelligent APIs for
stress-free onboarding of new


Document digitization

Single-window data input with
pre-filled smart forms and
post-approval digital documents


Rich data insights

Advanced analytics for data on
category-based sales and volumes,
fraud and recovery

Configurable limits

Highly customizable invoice financing
limits and sub-limits



Facilitating both buyer-side and seller-side financing as required

Why Lentra

Lentra does it better

Widen your anchor financing network with Lentra’s intuitive platform that supports faster onboarding, easy scalability and API-driven quick loan systems. Place yourself at a competitive advantage with data-backed rules configurable to your requirements.

Our pre-integrated APIs promote near-instant verification of applications and trigger risk analysis if needed, with provisions for sales manager overviews and interventions at appropriate levels.

Boost engagement with merchants via intuitive dashboards and ML-powered communication channels for launching schemes, festive promotions and reminders. Lentra uses the power of functional and performance automation to allow you to offer smooth transaction journeys to your clients while augmenting your lending opportunities.

Want to expand your lending profile
digitally through invoice financing?

Lentra’s microservices and events-based architecture widens
your lending opportunities through fully automated, integrated
invoice financing features that care for you, your anchors and
their merchants. Step into the new world of digital lending with

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