Vehicle Financing

Commercial vehicle loans overhauled efficiently

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Accelerate lending with easy-to-use and
easy-to-manage platforms

Drive vehicle financing into the future with a quick switch to Lentra’s AI-driven loan origination and loan management systems. Designed specifically to make the lending process customizable and efficient, our API-based platforms integrate seamlessly with existing set-ups in a way that makes scaling up and improved customer satisfaction a piece of cake.
In mere minutes, you can offer an efficient loan journey that’s accessible online to anyone, anywhere.

Key Features

Fully automated functionalities

Channel integrations

Credible data and industry insights from leading automobile dealers

Auto valuation report

Provision to capture valuation details

Mass vehicle-related verification

Up to 100 quick, digitized checks using drivers’ licenses & registration cards in one go

Deal structuring

Deal structure basis variant, body funding requirement, chassis funding requirement and fleet finance

Instant fleet finance

Includes tailored limit management, bulk upload modules and analysis reports from a single, user-friendly screen

Enhanced FI module

Based on geo-location capturing, geofencing

Why Lentra

Mobile onboarding to closure journey

Upgrading to state-of-the-art tech from Lentra keeps banks and financial institutions at the forefront of business.
Empower yourself with products that reduce human errors, use AI to underwrite and assess clients in minutes and take quick, strategic decisions based on data-backed customized rules. Lentra’s modules include a user-friendly provision to capture auto valuation-related details and deal structuring that allows bankrolling for body construction, chassis funding and fleet financing.

Lending Flow

What a Lentra
lending flow looks like

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Smoother systems for
quicker business

With Lentra, banks and financial institutions have seen straight-through processing rates of 37% and counting. Improve your position by including microservices that drastically slash go-to market times and boost risk-assessed business.

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