Credit Card Journeys

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Elevate credit card sales with
instant end-to-end self-service

Ensure quality customer experience and higher onboarding volumes with a seamless, automated journey. Our intuitive,
high-speed systems are built for scale with ready-made API integrations and a user-friendly customer experience.
Lentra’s ML-powered technology vastly improves turnaround times with instantaneous credit and fraud checks, ID
validations and dedupe features to enable client onboarding in minutes. Lentra is built for speed.


96% STP within seconds

Replace error-prone data entry & manual checks with a
fully automated system for quick credit card journeys.
With Lentra, you’ll witness 98% straight through
processing in under 10 seconds as intelligent APIs
complete validations, checks & credit scores in the blink
of an eye.

Our pre-integrated APIs enable digital self-serve
journeys with seamless e-verifications from multiple
bureaus, additional layers of data security & zero
software dependency to support higher business
volumes. Profit from quick turnaround times &
increased customer satisfaction through a user-friendly
interface. With Whatsapp document uploads, digital
field investigations, video KYC and horizontal scaling,
Lentra accelerates business with ease.

Key Features

Why do you need Lentra’s Credit Card
Journeys system?

Faster turnaround time

Proactive API pre-integrations enable instant onboarding

Easily scalable

Microservices deployment allows quick horizontal scaling.
Simply add on machines

Futuristic onboarding

Advanced security features, completely digital, highly

Enhanced availability

Auto-failover to cover redundancies in bureaus, PAN, SMS,
PennyDrop, KYC and income analysis

Why Lentra

Lentra does it better

Lentra converts the slower, costlier & comparatively inefficient credit card journeys system into one that is seamless, intuitive and quick. Bring the power of state-of-the-art technology and pre-integrated APIs to your systems & boost client volumes with the touch of a button. With more than 250 third-party APIs combined with highly configurable enquiry systems & business rule engines, you’ll be able to onboard larger volumes in far less time. Our machine learning method instantly boosts straight through processing rates, automatically prompts secure data and credit checks, and offers geo-location, video KYC & controlled feature rollouts.
All of this for a fraction of your current cost.

Speed up onboarding with
smart systems

Make the credit card journeys process seamless for all. Bring
more on board faster, and prompt instantaneous checks,
validations and verifications through AI-powered technology
that dissolves dependency on human intervention. It’s quick,
error-free and reliable.

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