Supply Chain Financing

Supply chain loans

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Improve sales with advanced
lending capabilities

Empower your clients with the ability to finance short-term credit needs directly or through channel partners. Within minutes, Lentra can help you onboard clients and disburse funds, supported by a back-end platform that routinely reports analyses, maintains balance sheets and registers collections. What’s more, it supports a seamless co-lending module so you can tie up with other financial institutions and offer better, more accessible services.

Key Features

fully automated lending solution

Flexible credit decisioning

Shorter, periodic assessments analyzed by business intelligence

Templated products

Innovative financial model templates ideal for startups

Common financing platform

Single shared ledger for all parties for quick and easy monitoring

In-house app integration

Blends in easily with existing apps and systems

Microservice architecture

Easy to maintain, easy to configure, easy to evolve

Customizable limits

Ability to create multiple sub-limits for specific products

Why Lentra

Transforming supply chain financing digitally

More than 250 pre-integrated APIs work rapidly to fire instantaneous lending decisions. With cutting-edge technology on your side, stringent regulatory demands are easily met with minimal human interference and application processing occurs through a seamless, paperless journey. Fund forward and backward integration along the value chain and tap into unchartered industries backed by a full-stack lending eco-system. Set bigger goals with less worry, thanks to Lentra.

Lending Flow

What a Lentra
lending flow looks like

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Faster loans for
more customers

Axe costs and turnaround times in supply chain financing with an AI-powered platform that has seen 95% amazing straight-through-processing rates. Lentra offers a highly scalable, easily configurable and truly versatile digital eco-system that supports the lending of the future.

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