Business Loans

Scaling businesses
with comprehensive
digital assessment

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Configurable. Convenient. Quick.

Slash customer acquisition costs and improve the onboarding process with Lentra's unique business loan journey. Customers can avail loans in minutes through self-serve, assisted or channel partner origination as Lentra orchestrates the APIs to validate identities, check for eligibility, conduct digital verifications and risk assessment. An advanced, full-stack lending platform makes business loans easy to process and track.

Key Features

Easy loan origination and
lending in minutes

Point-to-point onboarding

Seamless customer acquisition including digital login,
verification, decisioning & onboarding

Digital field investigation

Includes geo-location capturing, waivers and automatic
report uploads

Multiple built-in features

Application completeness check, fraud check, dedupe &
deviation capability

Boost sales with cross-sells

Sift through target audience with aggregated credit
evaluation and offer match logic

One-pager screen

Banking and financials for each applicant at a glance

Peripheral user group

An exhaustive range of user groups, viz. FIs and RCU agencies, legal representatives, office and residence verifiers.

Why Lentra

Automated business loans

Lentra’s state-of-the-art technology helps boost onboarding and STP rates with quick decisioning and assessment. With API-driven systems, customers enjoy near-instantaneous business loan journeys. Our products combine capabilities for digital verification through vKYC, CKYC and eKYC; easy document management with FileX; smart decisioning and underwriting with BREx; data analysis and risk checks with GoGetr; and future-proof digital lending, loan origination and loan management systems.

Lending Flow

What a Lentra
lending flow looks like

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The future of
business lending

Unlock the lending of the future to help customers scale up
their businesses with zero stress. Offer seamless loan journeys
with Lentra’s revolutionary tech. Get on board now!

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