Consumer Durable Loans

Help fulfill consumers' aspirational purchases
quick and easy

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Reliable. Scalable. Instantaeous.

Your customers are looking for loans for consumer durable items at the touch of a button. Give them exactly what they want with Lentra’s new-age, specialized lending products that empower you with data-based decisioning, customized rule-backed journeys and high security. Our full-stack infrastructure that integrates seamlessly with multiple third party systems diversifies your points of origination, leading to higher disbursal rates faster, easier and with as little human intervention
as possible.

Key Features

Multiple loans in minutes

Paperless, presenceless

More than 250+ API integrations power a fully digital
consumer durables loan journey

5 loans per second

Enjoy straight-through processing rates of 96%.

Channel integration

Seamless self-serve, assisted or channel partner customer experience

24*7 data security

State-of-the-art framework manages data during flight and
at rest

Instant verification & validation

Automated identity checks and risk assessments.

Loan disbursal in under a minute

Configurable business rule engine for lending in under
60 seconds

Why Lentra

End to end loan automation

Thanks to future-ready systems, banks and financial institutions across India are seeing vastly improved straight-through processing rates, considerable reductions in customer acquisition and onboarding time, and better user satisfaction. Lentra’s unique API-based products create highly configurable loan origination and management solutions to encourage faster turnover, lower risk and stress-free data security. From remote identity checks, deduplication, and augmented
data scoring models to regularly upgraded risk compliance, OPEX savings features, Knox security integration and automatic
e-payment, we make lending user-friendly and future-proof.

Lending Flow

What a Lentra
lending flow looks like

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The future of
lending is now

Stay abreast of the times by switching to lending that leads the way. Widen your consumer base with cloud-based platforms and microservices that integrate easily with alternate growth channels and make the customer journey instant and fuss-free.

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