Professional Loans

Professional loans

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Instant lending for
faster customer onboarding

With just the touch of a finger, take fully automated lending to thousands of professionals across far-reaching geographies. For clients, Lentra brings a unique simplicity to borrowing - simply upload basic details and relevant documents to avail a loan. For financial institutions, all of the credit risk assessments, analytics, decisioning, verifications and loan management is done automatically in seconds. From lead generation and onboarding to disbursal and collections, Lentra cuts through the complications and makes lending simple and stress-free.

Key Features

professional loan journeys

Multi-channel lead generation

Automated qualifications, initial offers, follow-up tracking, rate cards & deal teams

Accurate credit assessment

Streamlined enquiry process from multiple bureaus in seconds

Digital verification

Instant eKYC, vKYC, cKYC and video personal discussions

OCR capabilities

Capture and convert data into digital format for easy searches

Dedicated document management

Integrative solution that supports all file types, including audio and video

Cross-sell capabilities

Become a one-stop financial shop for all relevant products and lending needs

Why Lentra

Fastest end to end loan journeys

Lentra’s full-stack lending eco-system allows you to replace tedious, paper-based processing with a 100% digital, simplified lending journey for professionals. Its AI-powered solutions and products are easily scalable, highly configurable and secure. With more than 250+ pre-integrated APIs, you will feel the difference through decisioning in under 10 seconds, tailor-made business rules and limits, worry-free compliance with constantly evolving regulatory policies, and enhanced straight-through processing rates.

Lending Flow

What a Lentra
lending flow looks like

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digital lending

Slash costs and boost efficiency with Lentra’s smart decision engines. Our advanced technology helps increase conversion rates, reduces turnaround times and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time.

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