Loans Against Property

Help borrowers
monetise assets

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Future-ready lending journeys for
superior customer experience

Improve access to loans against property and boost debt collections minus human intervention with unique API-based systems. Lentra’s API-powered platforms offer a seamless, customer-friendly loan journey from onboarding to collection with tried and tested products that circumvent the most basic bumps in availing and repaying loans against property.
Our focus is on an integrated, user-friendly interface and improved client satisfaction. Bring the future of lending to your fingertips, only with Lentra.

Key Features

integrated functionalities

Multiple property type

Lending against any kind of real estate, land and property options

Multiple collaterals

Easy onboarding of numerous properties as collateral for a single client

Property apportionment

Customized distribution of collateral between multiple properties

CERSAI compliant

Prevent fraudulent activity that could hit your bottom line

Empanelled valuers

Quick access to accredited lawyers and valuers for property verification

Multiple functionalities

Instantaneously trigger verification and valuation as frequently as needed

Why Lentra

Built-in efficiency for
enhanced output

Integrate Lentra products into your platforms to remove blind spots, reduce errors and make mortgage lending smooth and stress-free. Our highly specialized products emphasize a seamless journey for loans against property to offer easy customer origination and cutting-edge loan management. More than 250+ built-in API integrations create an intricate web of vital data transfer that enhances a whole range of microservices from fraud check and field investigation to deviation management and instance-based intimation

Lending Flow

What a Lentra
lending flow looks like

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Meet the lending
demands of tomorrow

Lentra’s prized suite of AI-driven products brings next-gen lending to the present. Offer clients a range of customized end-to-end solutions for loans against property that can be managed from a single screen.

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