Equipment Finance

Equipment finance
made customizable

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Improved productivity.
Higher sales.
Better customer experience

Tailor your products to gain maximum leverage among clients looking to finance their equipment. By switching to Lentra’s unique API-based technology, you can improve customer service, radically increase productivity, organize and manage thousands of contracts and smoothly complete end-of-term processing. With custom workflows and seamless integration with pre-existing platforms, Lentra allows you to create strong opportunities for effortless equipment finance sales. In seconds, our state-of-the-art technology assesses applications and manages accounts based on adaptable business rules, taking lending journeys into the future.

Key Features

Upgrade to lending
that’s suited for you

Seamless opportunity management

Lead generation and tracking, automated qualifications, initial offers, multi-channel engagement, deal teams & rate cards

100% digital verification

OEM and credit checks, including bureaus, KYC, FI/RCU and watchout lists

Dedicated document management

Templates and automation with the ability to store and link any type of documents for quick access

Easy pricing & structuring

Amendments, usage-based billing, covenants, partner/other subventions

Diverse lending products

Offer term loans, leases, buyer’s credit and lines of credit

Multiple funding options

Interim interest, rent or moratorium during installation; progress funding; periodic or single payment

Why Lentra

Simplified digital loans journey

Tap into the lending eco-system of the future that streamlines your processes on a single screen. Highly configurable microservices and ML-powered APIs trigger near-instant loan approvals and disbursals, supported by a customizable business rule engine that can be molded to specific requirements. Lentra’s intelligent automation and management platform offers an incredible reduction in human error and go-to-market time. And you can set it all up in a single day!

Lending Flow

What a Lentra
lending flow looks like

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Improve your security,
lower your risks

Lentra’s unique eco-system combines the power of in-built security, compliance, and future-ready solutions for an end-to-end fully automated platform that is your ticket to the future of lending.

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