Auto Loans

Facilitating consumers' purchase of their
wheels of choice

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Hands-free, hassle-free
digital lending

Upgrade from the tedious, time-consuming process of financing automobile purchases to Lentra’s quick, easy, and 100% digital lending journey. Enjoy faster customer acquisition thanks to quick decisioning, and more secure processes that can increase straight through processing rates. Lentra’s infinitely scalable platform allows you to digitally cover larger markets while spending less on resources, data errors and bureau spends. Reinvent your business strategy with auto loans by Lentra.

Key Features

Comprehensive API-powered
Auto Loan journey

Intelligent lead generation

Bucketing of prospective leads and follow-up tracking

Seamless channel integration

Omni channel onboarding capacity

Modules for peripheral users

Direct selling agents, direct selling entities, financial institutions, underwriters, etc

Used and new vehicle financing

Separate workflows for new and used vehicle financing requirements

Committee approval matrix

Fraud check and approval matrix

Deviation capability

Product policy hosting, deviation management and deviation workflow configuration

Why Lentra

Smooth and hassle-free loan journey

With Lentra, customer onboarding and loan management is made easily manageable and largely automated. Our unique and highly configurable business rule engine allows decisions to be made quickly. All of our products and solutions can work cohesively on a base of ML-powered APIs that weave perfectly together to form the digital lending eco-system of the future. .

Lending Flow

What a Lentra
lending flow looks like

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Join the lending

Make auto loan origination and disbursal smarter, more efficient and user-friendly with Lentra’s fully automated microservices platform. Revolutionize your customer service and business with Lentra.

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