Revolutionize your
lending system

Lending digitization made

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Usher in the digitized lending
process of tomorrow, today

We live in an age where hardly any sphere of life and work is not touched by automation. The lending environment is no different. But where it’s different is that the lending process lends itself to a high degree of automation to make your business faster, better and more efficient. That’s exactly what GoGetr does, revolutionize your lending ecosystem through automation driven by cutting-edge technology, powered by artificial intelligence.

Higher efficiency

Carry out multiple functions, accurately faster from a single screen

Higher accuracy; lesser fraud

Cross-checking mechanisms along with ID proof validation and KYC

Minimizes effort, maximises productivity

Saves time for staff and increases their output and work efficiency

Faster lending decisions

Accelerated approvals based on parameters configured as per your policies

Lending digitization made better

Accelerate efficiency and elevate
the quality of lending decisions

GoGetr enables you to digitize your lending process from the very first itself all the way through the chain to the end. Using the latest in artificial intelligence, with highly flexible workflows, GoGetr when integrated with rich internal ecosystems and third party service providers/aggregators delivers a host of feature-rich experiences and a multitude of benefits.

Digital Authentication of Applicant Info

No more manually sifting through applicant info for KYC validation. With GoGetr, just feed in application details, and get automatic validation. This eliminates human error as well as reducing your staffing needs while increasing productivity. What’s more, feed in your client information and GoGetr will also carry out necessary financial checks – be it the annual audit report, balance sheet, income statement, or simply a bank statement – by going through all data to analyse the default risk of your customer.

Data Analytics with machine learning & AI

Get all the numbers and statistics you need to make better decisions. By converting the information you feed into a machine readable format, GoGetr’s cutting-edge technology AI/ML technology help you carry out high levels of decisioning with one click.

Financial statement utilities

If the loan applicant is also an existing customer of your bank, the financial statement utilities section will ensure that there is an instant match without a manual search. Since all the data is in a machine readable format, the algorithm works in a way that ensures the above. This way, if there is any pre-approved offer for the customer, it can be availed easily.

Final results: Default risk

After running all processes, GoGetr will give you results such as, Final decision: Based on the data fed, the loan application will be designated as Red, Green, Accrued or Declined; Application score: A final percentage score that indicates the credit robustness of the borrower; Financial eligibility: A correct estimate of the loan amount that can safely be processed with low risk of credit default

1st Party and 3rd Party integration

Accomplish multiple functions on one screen, carry out perfect KYC checks through a direct channel with the database of government organizations like NSDL and UIDAI for PAN card and Aadhar authentication respectively while others such as the GST network help when processing corporate loans. Tie-up agencies like Karza and Perfios give you additional tools when processing loans.

Step-up risk model

A key GoGetr feature that prioritizes the various validity checks from highest to lowest to flag issues that reduces effort of processing a faulty application with high level authentication errors. In order of importance, it carries out the higher ranking checks first, and only after that checkpoint is passed, does it process more details. If the data at the first checkpoint isn’t authenticated successfully, it will not carry out further checks at all.

Ties with OEMS (Manufacturers)

Every consumer durable in the market has a unique serial number given by its OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Thanks to Lentra’s tie-up with 70+ OEMS, GoGetr is placed perfectly to assist you when it comes to consumer durable loans with a cross-checking mechanism that minimizes fraud.

Experience the automated lending
process of the future

With all the great features and host of benefits that it offers, GoGetr is fast becoming the first choice of banks and lending organizations that want to be future-ready and future-proof. See why for yourself with our exclusive demo.

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