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Lentra's Lending platform has all the tools, features and integrations you need for KYC and compliance to onboarding, servicing, collections and beyond. Each product in the platform is powerful alone to handle credit risk, decisioning and management, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

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Lentra Lending Cloud

Creating Digital
Lending Revolution

GoNoGo Loan Origination Platform for
Strategically-aligned, accurate and instant lending decision
vKyc RBI compliant, Video KYC solution to expedite customer on-boarding with current geo location tracking feature.
MultiBureau® Streamlines credit enquiry process with accurate credit scores from all bureaus in a matter of seconds.
GoGetr Data fetching and verification with powerful APIs and third-party integration.
Cadenz Customer intelligence platform for hyper-personalization, monetization & credit intelligence of end customers.
BREx Make impactful strategic decisions with data & its logical analysis by automated decision making tool.
FileX Future ready document management system built for efficient lending process
LMS From disbursal to collection and in between Lentra's highly configurable LMS streamlines the entire lending & collection process.
Covering the entire spectrum of lending needs of a financial institution to meet the credit need of a growing economy.

Lentra Solutions


Advanced, full-stack lending platform to empower customers to avail loans in minutes through self-serve, assisted or channel partner with the APIs to validate identities, check eligibility, conduct digital verifications & risk assessment.

  • Multiple built-in features
  • Digital field investigation
  • Point-to-point onboarding
Loan Against Property LOAN AGAINST

API-powered platform for a seamless journey for mortgage lending. Whole range of microservices from fraud check & field investigation to deviation management and instance-based intimation.

  • Property apportionment
  • CERSAI compliant
  • Trigger verification & valuation
Vehicle Financing VEHICLE

API-based platform to take quick, strategic decisions based on data-backed customized rules, capture auto valuation-related details and deal structure. Allows bankrolling for body construction, chassis funding & fleet financing.

  • Instant fleet finance
  • Deal structuring
  • Mass vehicle-related verification
Supply Chain Financing SUPPLY CHAIN

Onboard clients & disburse funds, with cutting-edge technology on your side, stringent regulatory demands,reports analysis, balance sheets & collections. with minimal human interference through a seamless, paperless journey.

  • In-house app integration
  • Microservice architecture
  • Common financing platform
Working Capital WORKING

Highly configurable platform for digital verifications, document management with customizable business rule engine, automatic credit checks, analysis, easy disbursal & collection with your minimal intervention.

  • Product/Services Embedding
  • OCR capabilities
  • Pre-integrated APIs
Equipment Financing EQUIPMENT

With custom workflows & seamless integration with pre-existing platforms, create strong opportunities for effortless equipment finance sales. Our state-of-the-art technology assesses applications,manages adaptable business rules.

  • Diverse lending products
  • Dedicated document management
  • Easy pricing & structuring

Lentra's API-based microservices network helps to offer loans to the vast population engaged in farming and agriculture-related sectors. It supports numerous prevailing loan schemes and can be quickly adapted to new ones as they roll out.

  • Satellite-based information
  • Integrated with insurance
  • Multiple credit scheme capability
Consumer Durable Loans CONSUMER

Widen your consumer base with cloud-based platforms & microservices. Automate personal loan journey with remote identity checks, upgraded risk compliance, OPEX savings features, Knox security integration & automatic e-payment.

  • Paperless, presenceless
  • Instant verification & validation
  • Channel integration

Blend of artificial intelligence and user-friendly interface, pre-integrated APIs assess credit scores to shield you from unnecessary risks to extend services for multiple property types,automated CERSAI compliance & fraud checks.

  • Multiple tranche disbursal feature
  • Property apportionment
  • CERSAI compliant
Personal Loan PERSONAL

API-orchestrated solution for quick personal loan disbursals. Our full-stack, AI-based solutions trigger strategic business decisions, instant credit enquiries, automated document handling, and 100% digital onboarding & lending management.

  • PLead generation module
  • Automated triggering of bureaus
  • OCR capabilities

Reinvent auto loans strategy with faster customer acquisition. Our products & solutions work cohesively on a base of ML-powered APIs that weave perfectly to make auto loan origination and disbursal smarter, more efficient & user-friendly.

  • Modules for peripheral users
  • Used & new vehicle financing
  • Deviation capability
Education Loan EDUCATION

Lentra's highly configurable provides end-to-end education loan origination & management. With few clicks validate identities across locations, convert information into machine-readable formats, generate reports & offer totally digital customer service.

  • Channel integration
  • Enhanced field investigation
  • Modules of peripheral users
Professional Loan PROFESSIONAL

Take fully automated lending to thousands of professionals. all of the credit risk assessments, analytics, decisioning, verifications & loan management in seconds. From lead generation & onboarding to disbursal & collections.

  • Digital verification
  • OCR capabilities
  • Accurate credit assessment



  • Adaptive Scalability
    Grow in step with growing
    users and their needs
  • Lower Risk
    Regulatory and legal
    compliance In-built, industry-grade
    data security infrastructure. Used by
    top-most private banks in the country.
  • Custom workflows
    Microservices architecture enables
    creation of highly customizable
    workflows to match business
    requirements, configurable
    customer journeys
  • Increased efficiency
    High-speed end-to-end
    lending decisions in less
    than 10 seconds
  • Reduced NPAs
    Powerful decision analytics and
    implementation of AI-ML technologies
    for fraud detection leading to
    drastically reduced NPAs
  • Greater Revenue
    Accelerated time-to-market with
    configurable journeys for better
    customer experience, reduced
    acquisition and onboarding costs.

FEATURES Key Features

Horizontal Scaling

Horizontal Scaling

Incremental Hardware
24 x 7 Monitoring Global Load Balancer

Horizontal Scaling

API Driven

Headless Integration Published API Framework Full BI features

Horizontal Scaling


In-built Security End to End Audit Trial Compliance and Legal

Horizontal Scaling


Fintech Partner Integrations Third Party Data Look-up Configurable rule engine

Horizontal Scaling

Customer Experience

Responsive UI Mobile First Rich visualization

Horizontal Scaling

Artificial Intelligence

Deep Learning Math-driven models Leverage digital exhaust