Working Capital Loans

Dynamic limits for
OpEx Loans

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One-stop digital platform for
seamless loan journeys

Offer customizable loan journeys to small and medium enterprises that help boost the economy. With Lentra’s intelligent decisioning and future-ready lending solutions, you can give clients stress-free financial support to sustain their business while keeping yourself covered from unnecessary risks. Additionally, you’ll save time and money by slashing manual errors and managing accounts from a single, user-friendly interface. Go 100% digital with Lentra

Key Features

Comprehensive lending capabilities

Seamless product/services embedding

Supports embedding of white labelled products/services into journey

Dynamic limit setting

Based on eligibility and decisioning, limits get auto-populated

OCR capabilities

Easily search and edit data from scanned documents

Maker-checker system

Dual authorization for better fraud control

Pre-integrated APIs

250+ pre-integrated APIs enable instant underwriting and cross-selling

User-friendly platform

Responsive, mobile-friendly & aesthetic for loans on the go

Why Lentra

Digital onboarding and disbursements
within minutes

Lentra’s success is fuelled by a highly configurable microservices architecture that requires zero training to use and offers industry-grade security. And because it’s infinitely scalable, you can expand along with your client base without worry. Lentra’s state-of-the-art tech products are powered by a unique API lattice that enables a smooth, end-to-end digital loan journey for every client with minimal intervention from your end. It’s got everything from digital verifications and document management to a customizable business rule engine, automatic credit checks and analysis, and easy disbursal and collection.

Lending Flow

What a Lentra
lending flow looks like

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Work less, sell more

Unlock the lending of the future to help customers scale up
their businesses with zero stress. Offer seamless loan journeys
with Lentra’s revolutionary tech. Get on board now!

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