The specialized,
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Document management
made better.

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Everything you ever wanted in a
dedicated lending DMS

Enter FileX, a cutting-edge solution designed and developed to be a dedicated document management system that integrates seamlessly with your existing, parent system and takes care of all your document related needs end to end..

Document management made better

Your search for a hi-tech
dedicated lending DMS ends here

The criticality of documents and document management to a financial organization and to the lending process cannot be overstated. But usually, this forms part of an LMS, the backbone of any lending operation and an overload of the DMS can lead to the whole system being compromised functionally. FileX takes care of this by being a dedicated DMS that channels all the document load towards itself thus ensuring your LMS is not overloaded or destabilized at any stage.

One-stop solution

Supports all file types, including audio and video

Smoother experience

Extensive use of APIs for a smooth document management experiences

Seamless integration

No separate interface or front-end; integrated with parent system

Privacy secured

Encryption and user authentication ensures better data privacy


The document management system
built for your lending process

Document upload

The primary feature of FileX, the document upload option helps you obtain & upload a certain document from your local device. Once uploaded in the system, certain metadata or file attributes are available for your knowledge. The metadata you want displayed is customizable, & can be set as per your need.

Document attributes extraction

The system accommodates hoards of documents, and lets you sift through these for its metadata (attributes). When you are concerned with only extracting certain file attributes without actually summoning the entire file, this feature will come in handy.

Resumable upload

If faced with an internet connectivity problem, or a similar disruption of network, this feature is the saviour. It resumes your uploading process right from where it paused, instead of losing all progress whatsoever. You no longer have to start from square one in such a scenario and can save a whole lot of time.

File expiry date

If you set an expiry date for your documents, they will be deleted from the system automatically when that date arrives. With bank databases being herculean in nature, this feature will efficiently optimize storage space.

Merge documents

Collate several separate documents into one using this feature. This option is backed by a few dedicated APIs to collude with functions within this feature.

Duplicate image check

Check for multiple copies of a certain file using this feature. With the help of metadata in the system, a certain duplicity percentage score is assigned.

Thumbnail creation

Thumbnails mirror the contents of a file, it a smaller format. When you are storing documents on the site, you have the option to create a thumbnail for the same. Depending on the kind of interface and device used, these thumbnails can be used in place of the original document. Thumbnails are often used in mobile apps

Data security

FileX employs two important security measures: i) Encryption of files: All files stored in the system are encrypted. This ensures that data does not fall into the wrong hands. By default, it also protects consumer data privacy. ii) User authentication: Files in the system can only be accessed once a valid user token is generated. This authentication of user ensures that no-one can access files equipped with only the file name or file URL.

Document versioning

Keep a thorough record of the changes made to any particular file with this feature. Any version of the file in requirement can be pulled if need be. Just choose the ‘show version and audit history’ option on a certain file, and it will extract all versions from the file repository.

Search and browse

This seemingly simple feature will simplify your work by producing a search result from the file database.

Impact Metrics

FileX can make all the difference


Time saved in duplicate file checks


Data saved due to reduced upload re-attempts

Make your LMS more efficient
with a future-ready
document management system

Designed keeping ease of use and efficiency in mind, to give you better control, FileX is a DMS that changing the way people work at some of the best banks in India. See why for yourself.

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