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About the Role
Lentra relies on rich insightful data to power our credit risk models and scorecards. Credit risk analysis is one of the pillars and backbone of autonomous and presence-less lending, helping financial institutions determine the creditworthiness of borrowers by quantifying the risk of loss that the lender is exposed to. We strongly believe in data driven science, reinforced with artificial intelligence and machine learning to build the next-gen autonomous credit risk models/scorecards to help prevent fraud and defaults in the retail lending space

  • Identifying and integrating new datasets, understanding our product capabilities and work closely with different teams to strategize and execute the development of data insights product
  • Execute analytical experiments methodically to help solve various problems and make a true impact across the lending domain. Research and devise innovative statistical and predictive models for credit risk analysis
  • Identify relevant data sources and sets to mine for client and product business needs, and collect large structured and unstructured datasets and variables
  • Devise and utilize algorithms and models to mine big data stores, perform data and error analysis to improve models, and clean and validate data for uniformity and accuracy
  • Analyse data for trends and interpret data/patterns with a clear objective in mind
  • Implement analytical models into production by collaborating with software developers and machine learning engineers
  • Build an overarching data insights platform aggregating all of Lentras AI-ML capabilities
  • Keep current with technical and industry developments

Candidate Requirements
  • Bachelor’s degree in statistics, applied mathematics, computer science or a related discipline
  • 3+ years experience in data science
  • Proficiency with data mining, mathematics and statistical analysis
  • Advanced pattern recognition and predictive modelling experience
  • Professional certifications

Location & Commitments
  • This is a Permanent Opportunity
  • Job Location is Pune

The name should be legal name as on Aadhar/Passport/PAN