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Program Manager

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Services Delivery



  • The candidate has to perform the below responsibilities.
  • Production setup up-time as per Service level agreement.
  • Managing the team with ongoing knowledge management for solving the customer incidents in the given time with the help of different teams.
  • Ensure proper automated monitoring and alerting systems are implemented so as to serve customers effectively.
  • Managing the service desk for ticket management, priority assigning, escalations and updates on the issues, setting up the war room and bridge calls for P1/P2 issues.
  • Ensure timely RCA documents are prepared & delivered to customers.
  • Review the processes and policy related to production support and tune it for effective control and easy execution.
  • Perform periodic reviews with customers to get customer expectations and on-going plans to meet the same.
  • Continues improvement in the uptime and bugs count reduction by regular analysis, checks, automations and introducing controls.
  • Providing inputs on the scalability in terms of volumes & user concurrency for setting up adequate infrastructure.

  • Candidate Requirements:
    • 12+year experience in production support, having good knowledge on Application servers, DB’s, OS’s
    • Good knowledge on debugging issues & Resolution
    • Experience to handle pressure in production Severity 1 issues
    • Experience of handling large teams
    • Engineering graduate specialized in computers
    • Master’s degree preferable

    Location & commitments:
    • This is a permanent opportunity
    • Job location is in Pune

The name should be legal name as on Aadhar/Passport/PAN