Understanding clients made

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The smart, convenient way to accelerate
better relationships

When it comes to building relationships, or granting loans, understanding the customer lies at the heart of it. This is where VideoPD (Video Personal Discussion) comes in. Helping you understand customers better by obtaining all necessary information in detail. Video PD enables distanced yet smooth personal discussions before sanctioning a financial product or make recommendations.

Understanding clients made better

Smooth, seamless, AI-assisted
video discussions

When used as a tool in the lending process, VideoPD also increases accuracy in screening and monitoring potential borrowers. And by virtue of being remote, VideoPD is highly convenient for bank staff as well as customers. It saves time, effort and money for all concerned.


Schedule calls as per customer’s requirements

Increases accuracy, Reduces fraud

Location of customer cross-checked with the documents uploaded to prevent forgery

Personalised templates

Expert discussion templates designed exclusively based on borrower dynamics

Faster decisions

Customization of workflow for reduced turnaround time & faster decisions


Everything you need to make
video conversations easy and effective

AI facilitates video call for personal loan discussions
Authentication of documents in real-time with the ones uploaded while discussion is ongoing
Smart Conversation through questions prompted on the screen of the loan officer via the AI/ML configured
Cross-checking of customer location with the documents uploaded
End-to-end encryption, and protected from any interruptions for a highly secure communication mode
Anti-spoof detection, location tracking and face matching
Geo-fencing-based data mapping to help formulate better policy
Configurable question sets of products & categories i.e. customizable as per bank’s needs
Impact Metrics

Make your lending process better
and smoother with VideoPD


time saved in data collection


Face Match Capability


reduction in cost

How it works

VideoPD make discussions
better over video

Bank staff/credit underwriter to log in on the bank portal
Based on the availability, schedule a video discussion with the customer as per their convenience.
A reminder message is sent to the customer on the day of the scheduled discussion half an hour before the set time along with link on the bank’s portal
All acceptance and identity checks are made before continuing to the personal discussion
All videos are authenticated and stored so that they can be referred to in the future if required
Technology Details

State-of-the-art building blocks for
better decisions

Video Forensics

All video calls over VideoPD are well secured and checked for any spoofs or external hindrances. Verification, as per the set standards, of the video quality is also made. Such videos are recorded and stored with the entity for any further reference.

Smart Conversations

Smart conversations are enabled via AI/ML. This facilitates questions to be asked to the client during the call to check for the sanity and also the liveliness of the video. Banks and officers can choose to configure these questions as per their products and the nature of the loan viz. personal or business. These questions are customizable and can be made as per the bank’s requirements.

Take the first step to next-gen
video discussions

VideoPD has made bank staff efficient while helping banks make better, faster and effective lending decisions. See how today!

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