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The customer origination platform
designed for the future

Get the power of next-gen AI and cutting-edge technology on your side to accelerate customer acquisition with GoNoGo, the digital customer origination platform and turn it into a strategic advantage. Designed to empower banks and other financial/lending organizations and make them future-ready, GoNoGo transforms digital lending processes with the power of Lentra’s technology and its comprehensive portfolio of products.

Digital lending made better

Strategically-aligned, accurate,
and instant lending decisions

GoNoGo is an intelligent, intuitive and configurable scoring and decisioning platform that enables fast and efficient loan processing – in a minute or less – and a digitally driven seamless customer journey using AI/ML-powered business decision capabilities. An end-to-end solution that covers the entire lending value chain, GoNoGo is built to meet stringent regulatory demands while achieving quicker response times that give you an edge in the digital lending space.


Ready-to-deploy for rapid implementation and responsiveness

One single, easy-to-use platform

Complete loan origination capabilities to process applications on a single platform.

Fully digital, completely paperless

Fully digital loan processing with cashless loan disbursement

Reduced time and costs

Faster turnround time at reduced per-application cost


What makes GoNoGo the most
advanced digital lending platform?

API integrations to obtain KYC, Bureau, Fraud, Financial and Social Data information of the applicants in real-time
Highly flexible workflows integrated with rich internal and third party ecosystems
Data Sciences features with powerful statistical techniques leveraged to generate simple graphical stories and unknown-unknowns explored using the data insights and trends
Underwriter’s Cockpit: Single window review for attributes like ability to pay, trustworthiness and eKYC. Embedded chat feature to seek more customer data & re-process the application
Real Time Decisioning with robust dedupe logic, segmentation, scorecards and decision trees for instant lending decisions
Realtime Data Sourcing with eKYC and Financial data lookup across government / external credit information infrastructures for KYC/AML and Credit assessment
Exceptional UX Design for a consistent and responsive experience across mobile, online and branch.
Context-based Cross-sell: Up-/Down-sell based on the customer segment & insight of existing tradeslines. Aggregated credit evaluation & offer match logic to determine qualifying cross-sells
Use Cases

Truly one-stop, truly versatile

Caters to all Customer Segments

Designed and developed with deep industry experience and expertise, the GoNoGo platform is designed to provide comprehensive loan origination capabilities and support to all lending products designed for Retail Customers (Salaried/self-employed), individual proprietors, MSMEs and Corporates. GoNoGo is integrated with major credit information infrastructures to source KYC, Financials, Tax/Invoice and Credit data real-time for all of the above customer segments.

Designed for all kinds of loans & lending needs

GoNoGo is built on a flexible, configurable and rule-based workflow engine which allows the platform’s core Loan Origination System (LOS) capabilities to be easily extended to various secured & unsecured loans such as personal loan, auto loan, consumer durable loan, lap, education loan, overdrafts and invoice based loans, etc.

Education loan

Home loan

Consumer Durables loan

Two-Wheeler/ Auto loan

Loan Against Property

Business loan

Personal loan

Vehicle/Fleet loan

Supply Chain loan

Equipment Finance loan

Professional loan

Working Capital loan

Credit Card Origination

GoNoGo’s core capabilities built to support lending products make it ideal for Credit Card origination. With extensive ready-to-use integrations with leading CICs, regulatory bodies and third parties, GoNoGo provides straight through decision to issue virtual cards - a key enabler for instant card usage. The rich ecosystem and the third party integration also provide unique capabilities required for the corporate card origination such as Corporate Onboarding (Application Processing, KYC, Assessment of Financial Standings using various data sources, Authorised Signatories/Directors KYC, Credit Risk Assessment and Limit Assignment) and Employee Onboarding (Card Application Processing, KYC).

Consumer Credit Card

Corporate Credit Card

Business Credit Card

Impact Metrics

GoNoGo goes the distance when it
comes to making a difference


decrease in turnaround time


increase in approval rate


reduction in cost


straight-through processing

How does it work

Technology that makes
GoNoGo tick

GoNoGo is built on a highly scalable micro services architecture, supported by a rich fabric of oft-used APIs that help in rapidly developing custom loan flows. The Lentra platform offers a complete loan origination solution with standard modules out of the box that include MultiBureau® , GoGetr (ready to use API lattice for 3rd-party data integrations), BREx (Stateless Business Rule Engine for Credit Decisioning), FileX (Document Management System), eKYC, KYC (Video KYC), VideoPD (Video personal discussions) and CYOR (Reporting and Data extract module to meet regulatory / MIS requirements)

Take a leap into the future of
lending with GoNoGo

The GoNoGo platform is today the preferred choice for banks and lenders looking to gain an edge in the market and forward-looking institutions looking to make the most out of digital lending opportunities today, tomorrow and beyond. See why, speak to us for a special demo.

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