Simplified. Streamlined. Accurate.

Credit enquiry made better.

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Take your credit enquiry process
to the next level

Simplify and streamline your credit enquiry process with MultiBureau®, Lentra’s state-of-the-art technology that gets you accurate credit scores from all different bureaus in just a matter of seconds. Simply feed your applicant’s information into the system using our easy-to-use interface and that’s it. Leave the rest to MultiBureau® because regardless of data uniformity, you’ll get the credit information you need with no further effort.

Credit enquiry made better

Accurate information from all
different bureaus in seconds

With features and capabilities developed keeping your credit processes in mind, and designed to work with only one data source – your Loan Origination System - MultiBureau® needs little to no training to use. What’s more, rule changes can be made instantly without any dependence on the IT team.

Reduced costs

Automated, easy-to-use enquiry process frees up employee time, plus reduces staffing needs.

Minimize human error

Everything from generating credit scores to pulling stats is fully automated.

Policy adherence

Get uniform results always, in sync with your macro policy.

Minimized frauds

No room for human intervention, and hence for bias or error.


Everything you need to get
credit scores with minimal effort

Automatic Data Formatting

Enter your data in only one entry source - your loan origination system. MultiBureau® will configure it to automatically fill in the requirements of all credit bureaus.

Analytical feedback

MultiBureau® studies information to give you usable data analysis. For eg, if a credit bureau generates scores for just 50% of your Mumbai clients, it will recognize the pattern and show you stats to analyse further

Inbuilt Rule Engine

Makes sure that the credit reports are in sync with your macro policy. Simply choose the bureau to which requests are to be sent as per your credit policy on your dashboard.

Third Party Services

Be it Aadhar based e-KYC, Karza, Finfort, CreditVidya or any other, use all third party applications directly with MultiBureau®.

How it works

This is how MultiBureau® delivers what it does

Technology Details

Cutting-edge technology to elevate
your credit enquiry process

Use of high-end software

MultiBureau® uses state-of-the-art applications based on Kafka, Spring, Tensorflow, Node.js, React and others, each of which serves a specific purpose to ensure speed while delivering the best of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Container-based deployment

The deployment strategy, which uses Docker, builds and deploys applications at record speed while minimising errors.

Distributed micro-services

Designed for high-functioning, cost-effective and faster deployment, you can also apply any technology to just a specific micro-service.

Circuit breaker pattern and fault tolerance

This feature helps MultiBureau® detect errors and ensures they do not occur consistently.

Auto scaling and healing

Ensures that the system runs smoothly and that errors are handled automatically.

Blue-green deployment

This deployment strategy reduces downtime and risk by running two similar production systems, blue and green, with only one of them working at any point.

Fine grained monitoring

A feature embedded into the platform to improve efficiency

Automated load & regression testing

These features help the system upright by auto-testing functionality after any change is introduced.

Ready to experience what the future of
credit enquiry feels like?

MultiBureau® has changed the way some of the best banks in the country go about their credit enquiry and has helped them reap the benefits of cost and efficiency.

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