Decision-making made

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The new-generation Business Rule Engine
for next-generation decision making

Ensure optimal decisioning and better business outcomes with BREx – a decision making tool that helps users evaluate applications. In a world where business is driven by data rules, BREx is an invaluable tool for credit policy designers and underwriters seeking to minimise NPAs. It is a differentiator for banks and delivers a competitive advantage.

Decision-making made better

Take the right decision in
less than a minute

The best, strategic decisions are taken guided by business rules, backed by data and the logical analysis of such data. BREx – Lentra’s Business Rule Engine – helps you set the rules without requiring any technology team support and evaluate applications against those rules.

BREx makes rule-setting easy, enables you to categorise and configure as per your needs while also providing built-in analytics that help determine application-wise performance both from a technical as well as functional perspective.


Quick and easy category, criteria and rules setup


Decision in less than 60 seconds


Easy-to-use GUI


Immediately integrate customised rule changes in the workflow


Everything you need for
credit scores with minimal effort

Reliable Online Payment Platform

Complex credit decision rules support, multi-tier scorecards for custom risk scoring, automated (credit) policy deviations management and simulation for decision analytics

Ready To Go

Built-in financial object models (bureaus, bank statements, Tax data, Financial Statements) for quick rules setup and built-in eligibility calculators

User Experience

Intuitive web interface for easy business rules authoring and deployment, version control and granular access control for better security

Use Cases

You need it, BREx has it

Generate custom risk scores

The Rules Engine comes with a multi-tier scorecard definition module that can be used to generate custom risk scores as well as other decision scores

Untracked deviations

Untracked deviations from standard underwriting policies without meaningful mitigants, and a lack of proper review and approval, can be big contributors to a loan portfolio’s losses. BREx can scan through application data real-time (including data from other standard sources like the credit bureaus) to swiftly determine, log and raise policy & operational deviations to relevant personnel for review. This reduces turnaround times and errors significantly.

Complex loan eligibility computations

BREx allows complex loan eligibility computations using application data, derived risk scores as well as other derived (computed) fields.

Early warning triggerss

Configurable Portfolio Level Rules which get triggered on a real time basis. The objective is to proactively control the underwriting process instead of doing it with a lag.
1) If it exceeds the 35% mark, pass the applications of Dealer A to Hold Queue.
2) If Approval Rate of Bureau Score Band 650-700 during the day accounts for more than 25% of total approvals, notify the credit manager X. (Too risky to sustain.)

Advanced ML/AI models

Ability to host, trigger and communicate with the advanced ML / AI models in a seamless manner for consuming them real-time in the underwriting decision process.

Simulator to run multiple models

Flexibility to configure and run multiple models / scorecards offline and compare their performance and/or results on a real time basis by leveraging our highly interactive user interface. Further to this, switch to the offline scorecards that emerge as potential challengers to existing live model/s in an effortless manner. The advantage is that you get to explore multiple scorecards leveraging different models / approaches / strategies, measure impact real-time and perform course correction (risk mitigation / business growth) all at the click of a button. Avoid delays in data extraction, cleansing, analysis and save eventual development time. ‘You sense it, you see it, you crack it’.

Scorecard/ Rules Validation

Plug the repayment information, Bureau scrubs data into the engine. Configure rules to validate the scorecard performance and take corrective actions.
Advantage - Shift from the age old mindset where LMS does not communicate back to Rule Engines/ LOS. In short, leverage the feedback loop in today’s machine learning world.

Rule Optimizer

Rule optimizer being intelligent avoids users from creating redundant parameters and rules. Further to this, it provides detailed insights (reports) which helps optimize the rule engine from time to time, thus improving the overall efficiency.

Impact Metrics

Take decision-making to the next
level with BREx




response time


increase in applications disbursed


increase in amount disbursed

How does it work

BREx: Under the hood

Technology Details

The best technology makes for
the best decisions

Easy integration

Configurable integration with just about any application system

Execution engine

Low latency and highly scalable execution engine


Efficient horizontal scaling to handle variable traffic patterns


Consistent quick response times even at increasing transaction volumes

Ready to get a taste of
next-generation decision making?

BREx has been deployed by some of the most talked-about
banks & is behind the success of many credit policy designers &
the secret of reduced NPAs for many banks. Yours could be next.

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