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Advanced APIs for instant lending

Lentra builds APIs that make banking faster, easier and more secure. Encourage quicker onboarding, almost immediate transfer of data, end- to-end service and seamless integration with various channels through our intuitive interfaces.

Our advanced APIs enable banks to meet the challenging demands of existing customers and attract new ones with high security features to safeguard data. Every request is secured by OAuth 2.0 authentication, with information exchanged over https/tls and covered with the total protection standards of Zero Trust Security (ZTS) solutions including device fingerprinting and request signing.

Lentra’s unique business intelligence interfaces are vital for any bank or financial institution to step into the
future of lending.

API Documentation

Ensuring every lending journey is implemented efficiently,
executed perfectly and managed seamlessly.

Revolutionize your systems for
future-ready lending.

Lentra’s highly customizable open APIs integrate easily across industry
applications to speed up lending with minimum errors and maximum output. Take strong data-driven decisions, create new digital assets
in minutes and offer a seamless customer experience.
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